Provo River Fishing Report June 03, 2019


Lower Provo Doubles in High Water

 Lower Provo

Well folks, she got big. Up until 05/29/19 the CUWCD was messing with the flows daily- fluctuating flows from the mid 400’s to the mid 700s. In the middle of my guide trip on the 30th, flows bumped to 1040 cfs. Yikes. Still caught fish, but we definitely had to start fishing the edges of the river. San Juan worms (smaller size 18 in tan and wine colors), sow bugs (#14), and darker mayfly nymphs (#16 and #18) all caught fish. 

If you're a dry fly, vest wearing purist, you should probably find a different place to fish.

BUT if you’re willing to get down and dirty with a bounce rig armed with worms and sows, you’ll catch fish. Also, caddis larva have occasionally been the ticket. Some days they love em, some days they won't touch em. I'd play it safe and have a few in my box

People tend to avoid the river in high flows. Not sure why, because there are still fish to be caught. Yesterday there was only one car at the brown sign parking access below the dam when we arrived at 1:15. We had the river pretty much to ourselves. If you want, you could sit on the couch and think about fishing, or you could get out and have some solitude on the river. Fishing is still decent. Your choice.  

A few things of importance on the Lower right now. First, pay attention to the flows as you’re on the river. On the 30th my clients and I had crossed the river when it was at around 850 cfs. After we were fishing for around 40 minutes, I noticed the river looked like it was rising. I checked the flows and lo and behold, the flows had bumped to 912. We crossed back over in a hurry to avoid getting stuck on the opposite side of the river. Good thing too. Flows bumped within another half hour to over 1000. Close call. You don't want to get stuck on the other side of the river. It makes for a long hike. Trust me. Just pay attention when you're out there. You can check flows here:

Second thing of importance- fish the soft pockets along the edges of the river. As the flows get higher, the fish will stack up anywhere they can get a break in the current. Usually when you catch one in a spot, there are a bunch more. Move until you find fish. Then stay on em.

Like I said, bounce rigs and dirty flies are key. Get those “flies” down and keep them there.

Its a great time to get out on a float trip with one of our guides. The boat will give you access to the far side of the river where no one else can fish in excessive flows. Give us a call and we’ll set you up.

Middle Provo 

The flows on the Middle were pretty consistent over the last few weeks. That also changed. Flows bumped up to the mid 900's. 

Like the Lower, the water has stayed clear and there have been fish to be caught. Today I fished the “Bunny Farm” (river road north access) and we found fish. There was only one car in the lot when we pulled in, which is virtually unheard of on the upper portions of the Middle Provo. Fishing started a little slow. 

After bouncing around, we found some actively feeding fish and were able to get into them. Wine colored San Juan worms (#18), sow bugs (#14), and red midge larvae (#18 on long shanked hooks) were the ticket. The fish ate a few other patterns, but those were the most consistent producers.

Again, the key was finding the slower moving pockets where the fish could find a break in the current.

Despite the high water on the Provo river system, mother nature has graced us with a change in weather. For once this year, there’s only sunshine and warm temps in the forecast. Winter may end after all. 

There’s still a lot of snow up in the high country. Deer Creek is 96% full and Jordanelle is 86% full, and there is still a bulk of the high country run off to come. No telling when the flows will come down. You can either sit around moping about it, or get out there, adapt your approach and catch some fish. 

Our guides are out every day. If you want some help fishing the high water, or want a trip down the river in a boat, we know some guys that can help you out. Give us a call!

Morgan Nowels, RMO Guide


March 5, 2015 Fly Fishing with Family

Read our blog post that was featured on

March 1, 2015 The Fly Fisherman

Our friend Gabe form MARV Producitons followed around Orvis Endorsed Guide Ryan Newman to get inside the mind of a fly fisherman. the video was featured on The Orvis Fly Fishing Blog

or you can view the video on MARV's vimeo channel

Februrary 17, 2015 Perfect Sight Fishing Conditions

Recently conditions on the Provo River have been ideal for sight fishing to trophy Rainbow and Brown Trout. The yearly winter flows in have resulted in low clear water.  The fish are congregated and willling to participate.  Some holes on the river have a large trout population that are occupying all water levels.  It has been fun to sight fish to these trout on recent fly fishing trips.  If you are staying in Park City or Salt Lake contact us for a fly fishing adventure.

February 7, 2015 One Fisherman Two Brown Trout

Mild winter tempatures have produced great fishing on the Provo River.  Simon from Australlia was site fishing to a pod a suspended brown trout when he set the hook on a subtle take.  After landing the fish, I kept the fish in the nes submerged in the water to get a quick photo.  Simon threw a cast to the pod and hooked another on the next cast.  The fish was quickly brought to the net and these fishy friends were reunited.  What a fun, productive day on the Lower Provo River.

Ryan Newman
RMO guide

May 8, 2014 Fishing Run-off

As the flows increase on the Provo River often times the fish respond as if they've heard a dinner bell. higher Water means more food available to the fish.  The Middle Provo and the Lower Provo are tailwaters that stay realitivly clear during high water allowing for some great fishing.  To book your fly fishing adventure on the Provo River call us at (435)654-1655

February 24, 2014 Winter Fly Fishing on the Provo River has been fantastic!

The Provo River is a tailwater fishery which means we enjoy great fishing all year.  This winter has been no exception.  The river's healthy trout population gorges themselves on midges this time of year.  The fishing can be great but you have to down size flies and tippet.  Its not uncommon for us to fish a 12-14ft 6x leader. March is going to be a great month to fish! Call and book you fly fishing trip today!! 435-654-1655.

May 12, 2013 Camden's Baetis Fly Review posted an amzing review of RMO guide Ryan Newman's Orvis fly pattern, Camden's Baetis.  Check out the review here. And the sweet video

You can buy the pattern at the Provo River Fly Box at the base if Jordanelle Dam or from April 20, 2013 Award Winning Night for RMO

At this year's Orvis Guide Rendevous Rocky Mountain Outfitters was awarded "2013 Guide Service of the Year!"

We are extremely proud of our guides and even more grateful to our wonderful guests for making this possible.  The award is based on customer feedback.  You can checkout what our guests have said on the Orvis site.

Fly Tying Competition

In another competition voted upon by the other guides. RMO guide Ryan Newman won 3rd place in the Fly Tying Competition with his "Crackback" PMD emerger.  Two other Utah guides rounded out the top 3 making it a Utah Sweep.

July 9th, 2012-  A little persistence pays off in a BIG way

Andrew caught a fish of a lifetime two nights ago.  While guiding a trip recently he had a client hook into this monster but the big fish snapped his tippet on the first run.  Andrew went back over the last 2 weeks to try catch this impressive 26 inch fish.  Finally the big boy couldn't resist a secret mouse pattern that Andrew tied up.  After a 20 minute fight and a couple hundred yards from where he hooked the fish he was able to land this beauty.  This big guy is swimming in the same spot today.  There are some amazing fish out there to be caught with some persistence, skill, and a little luck we might all get this chance.  WAY to GO Andrew!!!