RMO was established in 1986 and had one simple goal in mind: "Provide a Quality Outdoor Experience".  We are committed to you to provide the best Blue Ribbon Experience available- with a Blue Ribbon River and Blue Ribbon guide service we believe we can do that.  Rocky Mountain Outfitters offers the highest level of service, commitment, and dedication to this fantastic sport.  

We value the water, the fish, and the environment and want to share with you fly fishing in Utah at its Best.  While visiting Utah, we know your time is precious and will commit our full energy to providing you with the best experience possible while fishing in Utah.  

Utah offers some of the best fishing in the nation, the scenery is unbelievable, and the wildlife abounds in this great State.  It's no wonder that the Mormon Leader, Brigham Young said "This is the Place"  he must have been inspired by this great land we enjoy.  We want to share a piece of Utah with you, the best way we know how is to provide a world class experience.  Let us help put a trip together for you, your family or friends, or your corporate group looking for a change of pace and a breath of fresh air.  

As you stand in the running water of a Utah River or Stream, you will become full aware of the surrounding beauty. As you learn more about fly fishing with your guide- Don't forget to take in the beauty around you.  The reward gets better as you learn how to control the fly and fly line with your fly rod. Just wait for the strike of the fish and the sound of the reel as the trout rips line from your hands.  It is exhilariting and very rewarding.  As you wait for the initial run of a rainbow or brown trout, it's your turn to make the next move.  With the help of your guide you will work as a team to land your trophy.  It is an amazing feeling afterward as you hold a beautiful trout in your hands and release it back to the river.

Thank You for taking the time to get to know us a little better.  Give us a call if you have any questions or are ready to book your next fly fishing adventure. 

  1. Ian and Andie

    Happy couple with success on the Provo River. Nice Teamwork

  2. L.A. Girls Can Fish

  3. Sisters Working Together

    These two ladies learned how working together would land this nice rainbow

  4. Provo River Big One

  5. All Smiles

  6. Middle Section Brown

  7. Provo River Rainbow

Fly Fishing Video on the Provo River