Middle Provo River

Middle section of the Provo River

Big Brown and a Great Smile on the Middle Provo River below Jordanelle Dam


This stretch of water runs through a beautiful mountain valley.  Flowing below the Jordanelle Reservoir through the Heber Valley down to Deer Creek Reservoir. Generally speaking the Middle has more fish with a slightly smaller average size, with that said some of the largest Browns come out of the Middle Provo every season.  The Middle Provo River offers some of the best dry fly fishing available.  Where do you think we fish on our days off?  With several different hatches throughout the season you can come hit this water at different times of the season and have chance at throwing dries to rising fish.  These fish become so active they gorge themselves on Caddis, Blue Wings, PMD's, midges and the big Green Drake.  If you have ever wanted a chance of catching fish on dry flies you need to visit the middle section of the Provo River.  Utah Fly Fishing doesn't get any better.  Call us and we can discuss the best times of the year to come out and fish the Provo River.

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