The Provo River, which winds through mountain valleys, the rugged magestic Provo canyon, and across
meadows as it makes its way from its origin in the Uinta Mountains for about 70 miles southwest to
Utah Lake in Provo, Utah. In some stretches, the Provo is home to 3,500 trout per mile, making for days
of fast action on your fly rod. You'll encounter cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout in undercut
banks, in deep holes, lined up in riffles, and hiding in occasional pocket water. The Provo River truly provides
a fly fishing experience that is nearly impossible to duplicate anywhere else in the state.

Rocky Mountain Outfitters takes fly fishermen of all skill levels to either the Middle Provo or Lower
Provo River. After contacting us, we'll recommend the right stretch of river for you and your party and pair
you up with one of Orvis Endorsed Guides.