John Patching

At the young age of seven years old, was drawn to the art of fly fishing. He soon discovered he had a natural talent for fishing and an insatiable desire to learn all he could about the sport. He spent his youth fishing the rivers of Northern California such as the American River, Sacramento, Putah Creek, Yuba River and more. In his later teens, he moved to Utah where he began guiding on the Provo River. John has always had a great appreciation for the outdoors. While living in Utah, he fell in love with the mountains and skiing. He began working full-time at a ski resort and still guided on the Provo River and surrounding waters whenever opportunities arose. After a decade of skiing and working in the mountains, he finally decided to follow his heart and passion by returning to the river as a full-time fly fishing guide. John has a heritage of fly fishing and is related to several artists including the great fly fishing artist, Frank Sawyer. He’s proud to follow the traditions of his ancestors.


John’s an expert at reading rivers and knows the entomology of the aquatic insects who live in the waters.  He meticulously hand ties his own flies so each one is precise. He’s also a patient person who enjoys teaching others about fly fishing in a laid back style. John wants others to experience the joy of fly fishing as much as he does. His goal as a guide is to make sure each client has a positive experience that turns into a great memory. No matter the season, John stays updated on the rivers so he’s always one step ahead of the fish.