Our Guides at RMO are professional, experienced, enthusiastic, and extremely passionate about fly flshing.  RMO hires and uses only the Best Guides in the area.  These guides hold to a higher standard than most.  Thanks in part because of who they are and how they have been brought up fly fishing. They have ethics, a love and appreciation for this great sport and respect for other fly fishers.  They are proven fisherman but are also proven people that will show you the utmost respect, appreciation, and gratitude for using them and their knowledge.  Our staff of Orvis Endorsed Guides will make your day of fly fishing in Utah one you will never forget.  "There is no greater satisfaction than when clients call back requesting the same guide"  says Joe Loveridge, Owner of Rocky Mountain Outfitters.  Fortunately, this happens time and time again.  We want to create a relationship with our clients- one that will have you come back year after year to experience flyfishing in Utah.

ORVIS holds a high standard of excellence that sets our staff apart from others in the area.

ORVIS's Standard of Excellence:

Over two decades ago, Orvis set out to make planning a world-class fly fishing experience easier for our customers.  We sought out the best fly fishing operations in the most exceptional fishing areas in North America.  The result was the Orvis-Endorsed Lodge, Outfitter, and Guide Service progam.  Each endorsed fly fishing operation has its own character, but all share the same high standards: great service, great fly fishing and an experienced, professional staff.  These standards of excellance are continually reviewed by Orvis Staff and evaluated by visiting guests in post-visit critiques sent directly to Orvis.  Orvis-Endorsed operations cater to every ability from beginner to expert.